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About this Site


The SFM Indicator Knowledge Base was designed to hold information on indicators for sustainable forest management from around the world. We list the rationale, methods, users, and issues associated with using a criteria and indicators monitoring framework to measure the degree of sustainability in forestry practices. This information is geared towards helping SFM practicioners select, enhance, and adapt the indicators in their suite to achieve their planning goals.

Indicators are sourced from national and sub-national indicator suites, local-level SFM initiatives, forest industry SFM Plans, Third-party SFM certifiers, research institutions, model forests and other indicator selection processes. The information is sourced widely and referenced comprehensively and is left in it's original form wherever possible.  Check out some of our sources on our links page.

We encourage you to add, edit, and use the information herein with the hope that the collaboration that results will benefit everyone.

This web site is coordinated by the Sustainable Forest Management Research Group at the University of British Columbia. The research housed in the knowledge base was completed by members of the SFM Research Group as part of the Common Ground Project: an initiative of the Provincial Government of British Columbia (BC) coordinated through the Forest Research and Extension Partnership.  The website is generously funded by the Forest Sciences Program of the BC Ministry of Forest and Range.

The project is an ongoing effort of the SFM Research Group and represents work completed by a variety of researchers over the course of 5 years.  Background articles are viewable from the right-side block on this page.