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The new state of the forests report from the Canadian government was recently released, replete with a photo of MP Lisa Raitt, our Minister of Natural Resources (who makes me squeamish still, thinking of her idea of a 'sexy' issue).   The report, in my mind, is glossy and out of touch with the reality of forestry in Canada today.  It touts Canada's "solid commitment to sustainable forest management" and desire to maintain "all environmental, economic, and social forest values, not just timber values" but then proceeds to report on a scarce few sustainability indicators; all o

Our Vision for Forestry in the 21st Century

On October 1, 2007 at a workshop during the Global Vision of Forestry in the 21st Century Congress in Toronto students from across the country and around the globe will gather to discuss and create our own vision of forestry for this century. The organizers of this event have created a survey which is intended to garner a greater understanding of how students perceive forestry and forest conservation today, and will be integral to creating our vision. Information obtained from these surveys will be analyzed and presented at the student workshop on the evening of October 1st.

Forest Leadership Conference

The Forest Leadership Conference took place this week and I was delighted to attend. I also had the opportuntity to present on the need for open communication and collaboration to generate transformational change. During my presentation, I highlighted the Knowledge Base as a tool in mass collaboration and got a very positive response.

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