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Australia's State of the Forests Report 2008

Australia has just released an excellent State of the Forests report. The coverage is huge and should be a guide for all those preparing such reports.

It can be accessed at:

Publication on social and cultural values

The social and cultural elements of sustainable forest management are generally weak, and this is particularly true in C&I schemes. A publication that may help partly resolve this problem is:

Agnoletti, M. et al. 2007 Guidelines for the implementation of social and cultural values in sustainable forest management. IUFRO Occasional Paper No. 19. 23 pp.

It was developed as a contribution to the Implementation of MCPFE - Vienna Resolution 3.

Weyerhaeuser and sustainability

Weyerhaeuser, one of the biggest forestry companies in North America, has just released its 2006 sustainability report. It can be found at:

What do you think of the indicators that it is using? Are they sufficient to truly report on the sustainability of the company and its operations? Are there indicators here that we should consider incorporating into our knowledge base?

SFM Indicators in China

China is a signatory to the Montreal Process, and is keenly interested in the use of criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management. They are also in the process of developing a national certification standard. While there is interest in our website, active participation is almost impossible because of language difficulties. As a result, we plan to establish a mirror site at, which will have all the properties of our current site, but will be in Chinese.

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