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View and download NEW data on Canada's progress toward sustainable forest management

• Figures and tables have been updated for 26 indicators in the online version of the CCFM Criteria and Indicators report.

• Available in PDF and Excel format at

• Contact: Simon Bridge 613.947.9034

How are different countries reporting on their forests?

Different countries have taken very different approaches to reporting on their nation's forests.  In most cases, countries are producing a variety of reporting products aimed at different audiences.  In some cases, the products seem to be part of a larger coordinated communications package (Australia), in others, the products seem to fit together largely as a result of hapenstance (Canada).  Whatever the case, individuals responsible for reporting on forests may be able to learn some new approache

What is most important to you when learning about Canada's progress toward SFM?

Help us by completing the attached 1-page survey - it will take you less than 10 minutes.  Return your survey to Simon Bridge, CCFM C&I Secretariat, by email at

New State of the Forest reports for Europe, Finland and Wales

The following reports have recently been released, which provide excellent information on the state of Europe's forests and, in the case of Wales, an example of how a country's C&I framework can be linked to its national forest strategy.

Quebec releases its C&I report

Luc Laberge of the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources recently advised me that Quebec has just released its new C&I report on the web. Below is his message to me:

Hello, for your information,

Canada releases new brochure highlighting trends in national C&I report

The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers has released a new brochure called Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada: Key Trends and Conditions 2005 (Available at This short summary brochure highlights key trends and conditions found in the full C&I report, National Status 2005 and is valuable reading for policy-makers, decision-makers and individuals who want a brief description of Canada's progress toward sustainable forest management.

BC releases 2006 State of the Forests Report

The British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range recently released its second report on The State of BC's Forests. The report provides detailed information using 12 indicators of sustainability that cover environmental, economic and social, and governance and support aspects of forests or forest management. These indicators are based on the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers and the Montreal Process indicators.

Swiss Federal Statistical Office releases "Dashboard" of sustainable development indicators

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office has released its MONET dashboard of sustainable development. The dashboard is a new internet tool to concisely and attractively illustrate the complex issue of sustainable development while keeping a link to its underlying information.

This is the first time they have released such a tool and they are hoping that users will explore the tool and provide comments, ideas, etc.

Follow this link to see the dashboard for yourself - offers inovative way to hack data

In previous posts I have talked about the need to make indicator data "hackable" (see for example and and about how, despite our best attempts to present data in a meaningful way, others will take our data and repackage it in new, and sometimes better ways for their community of interest.

Well has just made doing this much, much easier. allows users to input raw data, combine it with new data from various sources and present new innovative graphs. Here is a link ( to a graph that I quickly put together on using information on the volume of roundwood harvested in Canada and the emissions of greenhouse gases by Canada's forest industry (Interestingly, while production has increased substantially, GHG emissions have remained relatively constant - through greater efficiency and fuel switching). Both sets of information can be found in the Canada's latest C&I report, but in the report they are not presented together. If I wanted, I could combine the data I uploaded with any other data uploaded by anyone else. As one might imagine, this is a potentially very powerful web application for users looking for deeper insight into data.

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