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Conference confirms international interest in C&I still strong

Last June in Poland, the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE), the Montreal Process and International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) held a workshop on criteria and indicators as a means of fostering more collaboration among their C&I processes.

The reports from this meeting are now available on the Montreal Process website
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Three papers were prepared for the meeting that may be of interest to anyone engaged in developing or reporting on indicators of sustainable forest management, whether at the local, regional or national level. They are:
- Opportunities to Create Synergy Among the C&I Processes Specific to the Topic of Harmonization by Ewald Rametsteiner
- The Use and Audiences of National and International Forest Sustainability Reports by Jari Parviainen & Markus Lier
- Logic Models for How Criteria and Indicators Relate to Each Other, and as a Set, to Sustainable Forest Management and Sustainable Development by Richard Guldin and Theodore Heintz

An interesting thing about the conference was a desire among participants to talk about how indicators or sustainability reports are being used rather than talking about what indicators were needed or how to get data. This probably reflects a maturing of the C&I work among the three processes. Judging by the report, it is fair to say that all participants felt C&I were still a good idea but we have yet to capture their potential, and there was some frustration over this. The proceedings provide some suggestions for moving forward.