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while cruising this, do not write a blog and before submitting it go off and look at something to refresh your memory, cos when you come back the blog entry page is blank. So my comments are somewhere in the ether.

I will try and recreate my comments:
great intitiative, but not sure whether it is a local one with excellent links to sources of indicators, or whether the site has dreams of becoming an internatinal clearing house for SFM developments of C&I. There is definitley scope for such a thing.
If the thoughts are inetrnational in flavour then it woudl be easy to become swampled by indicators - organisation by originating process, scale, agency working on it etc woul dbe critical. I really liked the organisation by scale - most helpful.


Future aspirations of this site

This site arose out of work specifically related to British Columbia. As a result, you currently won't find any indicators that are uniquely associated with, for example, tropical forests. The positive responses that we have had to the site are however definitely encourgaing us to think 'bigger'.
When we converted some very cumbersome documents to the web-based format, it quickly became apparent that this could be the sort of international tool that both Tim Payne and Simon Bridges have suggested could be very useful. An immediate consequence was to structure the idea more according to the Montreal Process than to the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers system. We also included international pictures in the photo gallery - a resource that will be significantly enhanced in the next month or so.
Making the system international is very attractive to us, and we have started the process of internationalizing the website. However, we need to be a little careful as our existing funders are already sending warning signals - we will need to seek supplemental funding sources (and there are already some interesting possibilities).
One thing that we will be doing is to create regionally-specific, dated snapshots. This is because British Columbia forest licensees would like to have a version that is BC-specific and which is fixed in time (e.g., a 2007 edition), so that they can refer in legal documents to a particular point in time. Essentially, this will be a "freeze-frame" of the system, tailored for a particular place and time. This will not affect the main site in any way, but the dated versions will not be editable, have blogs, fora or other such possibilities. Instead, all such activity will be directed to the main site. We would be pleased to provide such a resource to other jurisdictions, as long as any costs of doing so were fully covered.