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drat - I agree

I agree with the comments made by tpayn ( In order to avoid being swamped with indicator info, there needs to be a way to categorize info. If the software that runs this site allows for it, I would suggest allowing bloggers to add tags to their entries and then providing a "tag cloud" on the left of the blog page. This will allow the community to generate their own categories, rather than one of the developers having to subjectively try to define blog posts in categories. It would also be useful if there was a way to add comments to a blog entry. If there was, this post would have been posted as a commont on tpayn's blog intry, rather than an entry on my blog.


Good point, comments are enabled now


I have enabled the comments, they were supposed to be available, but there was a bad configuration in the site files which I since resolved. Bear with us as we tune the site up further, thanks for your feedback so far.

I'll be improving the forums, and the blog layout further in the coming days. Any additional feedback you would like to add is always appreciated and welcome. See my blog for an overview of the technical aspects of the site, I will keep the community informed of progress.