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Forest Leadership Conference

The Forest Leadership Conference took place this week and I was delighted to attend. I also had the opportuntity to present on the need for open communication and collaboration to generate transformational change. During my presentation, I highlighted the Knowledge Base as a tool in mass collaboration and got a very positive response. I really believe that sites such as this one, where information pertaining to the use and understanding of key concepts and tools in SFM has a chance to be user-generated and collaborative, are integral parts of building a vision of sustainability that has broad consensus.

A highlight of Wednesday's conference proceedings for me was Bruce Fraser's talk on sustainability solutions for BC's Forests. He emphasised the need for natural resource managament as opposed to management of resources divided into silos and laid out a detailed plan for how this might come about. Integral to this plan is that management on the landscape be divided to ecologically defined units, such as watersheds, as opposed to the overlapping 'clutter in the commons' that exists now. I couldn't agree more and found his ideas to be timely and well thought through.