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Forest managers support a reglement on pumping across counties

For 2 years now, the metropolitan area of Hamburg, Northern germany, is divided since there's no common agreement on water management issues here at all.

A new Euroe-wide directive makes disputes vs. compromises more complex, but on the long run hopefully more democratic.Till everyone involved in decision making is informed, supply and demand happen to be a source of conflict.

The forest managment lobby is one of the toughest public speakers, e.g. a guy called Norbert Leben, who is announcing regularly in local newspapers how dry forests and heathers already became after hot summers and heavy rainfall as a climate mix known here also.

The reason: The City pumps the groundwater away from the suburb, while forest managers invest their money to maintain their grounds and hereby help to make a healthy environment for all. They want the Hamburgians, who receive all this water for free, to pay at least 4 cent per liter, and halve the amount of taken groundwater.

The City of hamburg doesn't react to these demands of its surrounding at all. They propably opt for an overall commmon agreement for all on the background of the new European water directive. That will take a lot of time and good will from all sides, and it is hoped that the process of agreement is going to be as democratic as possible.

Cheers to Canada, a country we Germans love very much !

Christine Patschull