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Gapminder data presentation tool may soon allow users to add their own data

In an earlier post, I wrote about, an interesting website by Swedish prof Hans Rosling that displays human wellbeing indicator data in innovative ways.

Prof Rosling has also created an interactive tool for playing with the data provided by the United Nations Development Program, which is available at

The tool in and of itself is really interesting in that the user can manipulate the data in a multitude of ways and easily track changes over time. What is even more interesting, however, is that it appears that Prof Rosling will soon make the software available for anyone to use and import their own data to play with. The help screen for the tool seems to indicate that this ability is currently being developed. Keep an eye on this site, as this will be an excellent tool to manipulate data from a wide variety of publicly available databases.


For anyone unfamiliar with

For anyone unfamiliar with Gapminder and it's bewitchingly awesome data presentation capabilities, check out this video of Hans Rosling at the TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Conference in 2006