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Add a new indicator

To add a new indicator, click on ‘ADD AN INDICATOR' on the homepage, the Indicator Knowledge Base page, or from your profile page. 

This will take you to a three page indicator entry form. 

Any fields marked with a red astrix must be filled in. For example, the field “title”, which is where to add the name of the indicator, must be completed.

Any field without an asterix that you leave blank in the form will not appear on the final version view.

HELPFUL TIP #1: By typing up the information in word and then copying and pasting it in using the "copy from word" button, which looks like a W on a clipboard, you can avoid losing any text as you are navigating through the form.

HELPFUL TIP #2: By previewing your indicator before you submit, you can check to see if there are any errors in the text and correct them right away.