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You can access the SFMI blog from the link at the top of any page. 

To view your blog postings, click on the posting you want from the list under 'my blog posts' on your profile page or go to your blog page using the 'go to blog' button.

To edit your blog posts, click on the 'edit' button on the top of the blog post. 

Other users can view and comment on your blogs, and you can comment as well.

To view blog comments,

To leave a comment, click on the 'comment' link at the bottom of any blog post and fill-out and submit the comment form. 

Blogs and comments are moderated by the site administrator.  Any unseemly or inappropriate comments will be deleted immediately.

To add a blog to the list, click on ‘post a new entry’. Photos, links, and file attachments can be added to your blogs. To add photos, click on ‘attached images’ and browse for an image from the gallery or upload an image from file. To attach a file, click on ‘file attachments’ and upload a new file.

HELPFUL TIP:: You cannot enable rich text in the blog field. However, all email addresses and website addresses will turn into links automatically when you submit the entry. Remember, you can edit your entries at any time!