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Upload files

To upload a file and insert it into your text:

1. Go to 'file attachments' at the bottom of the page you are editing (the 'file attachements' button is only at the bottom of pages when they are open for editing.  If you do not have access to the editable version of a page, you are either not logged in or do not have permission to edit that page).

2. Click on 'file attachments' to open the menu where you can browse your computer and attach a new file.

3. Once a file has been attached, it will come up in a list with options to delete or edit it. Directly below the file name is the url of the file on the site. Copy this url.

4. When pasting the file into your page, type the title of file in the field, highlight it, and then click on the link button (denoted by 3 links of chain) in your rich-text menu (the formatting menu at the top of your field). A window will open where you can paste in the link to the document in under "link URL". Also, ensure that the document will open in another window by selecting that option from the "target" drop down menu.

5. Hit 'insert' to complete the process.