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Use the forum

The forum is a great way to get a discussion going or to raise issues that you would like to air. It is divided into a hierarchy of forum ‘buckets’, forums, and forum topics (or threads).

To add a new forum, you can click on ‘post new forum topic’. Remember to classify your forum topic in one of the forums (and not just into a forum bucket).

If your topic doesn’t suite any of the forums available, then put it under ‘General Discussion’.

To comment on a forum topic, click on the forum and then on the thread (topic) that you are interested in.

The final comment in the forum thread will have a ‘reply’ button that will take you to a comment forum.

To start a new forum thread, please post a new forum topic to the ‘General Discussion’ forum and state that you would like the web master to make this into a new forum.

The forums are moderated by the webmaster for content and language.