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How are different countries reporting on their forests?

Different countries have taken very different approaches to reporting on their nation's forests.  In most cases, countries are producing a variety of reporting products aimed at different audiences.  In some cases, the products seem to be part of a larger coordinated communications package (Australia), in others, the products seem to fit together largely as a result of hapenstance (Canada).  Whatever the case, individuals responsible for reporting on forests may be able to learn some new approaches to communicating with their audience by examining the suite of products below.




Natural Resources Canada

         Canada’s Forests website

        Quick access to previous State of Canada’s Forest annual reports, statistics and other information

         State of Canada’s Forest Annual Report

       Report by the Minister of Natural Resources to Parliament.  Provides a succinct overview of key forest-related priorities. It focuses on innovative, collaborative and strategic work being undertaken by the federal, provincial and territorial governments.  The report also highlights statistical information and major news events.

         Important Facts on Canada’s Natural Resources

        This brochure provides a statistical snapshot of the importance of Canada’s natural resources


Canadian Forest Service

         Science Policy Notes

        2-pages, focused on specific issues (e.g. Deforestation in Canada, Canada’s forests as a carbon sink, contribution of harvesting to climate change)


        This biannual publication is intended to stimulate and enhance discussion with the Canadian forest sector by examining compelling issues from the perspectives of various stakeholders.  Viewpoint will also indicate where Canada stands in terms of a healthy forest sector and suggest – when appropriate – the direction Canada should take.

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

         C&I of SFM in Canada: National Status 2005 (previously paper, future on web)

        Produced every 5 years, reports on Canada’s progress toward SFM using the CCFM C&I framework

         C&I of SFM in Canada: Key Conditions and Trends

        Summary of National Status 2005.  Highlights key conditions and trends.

         International Forestry Partnerships Program

        Sustainable Forest Management in Canada

       Web site with information promoting Canadian forest policies and practices, initiatives and achievements with the intent of positioning Canada as an environmentally responsible forest nation and Canadian forest products as an environmentally friendly and renewable choice

        Fact sheets

         2-pages, focused on specific issues (e.g certification, woodland caribou)


         8-20 pages.  In-depth look at specific issues (E.g Boreal Forest, SFM in Canada)

         Compendium of Canadian Forestry Statistics

        Provides a selection of statistical forestry data published annually. Compiled from the National Forestry Database, data are displayed for each jurisdiction in Canada as well as national totals.

         National Forest Information System

        Provides authoritative information about Canada’s forests and how they are being managed

         Canada’s National Forest Inventory

        Provides authoritative data and information on the distribution and structure of Canada’s forests



         Forests Australia web site

        Quick access to national and state C&I reports and other information

         State of the Forests Report 2008 (Full Report and Executive Summary)

        C&I report, produced every 5 years by fed/state/terr committee

         Fast Facts

        2 pages, focused on specific issues, produced by federal government

         The Changing Face of Australia’s Forests

        Summarises major changes in forest use and management since 1992

         Science for Decision Makers series

        12 pages, in depth assessments based on most recent research as a basis for decision making

         Australian Forest Profiles

        4-6 pages, each profile examines size, distribution, and tenure of one of eight native forest types or two plantation types

         Forests at a Glance

        Pocket-sized booklet, produced annually, updates to indicators and forest facts



         National Report on Sustainable Forests

        C&I report, a snapshot of current trends and conditions in America’s forests (Produced by US Forest Service)

        Supplement with details on analysis and data sources

         Advancing SFM in the US

        Summarises broad array of activities underway in US aimed at improving the protection and sustainable management of forests (produced by Pinchot Institute)

        Basis for dialogue on what further actions are needed

         Perspectives on America’s Forests

        Seven authors from diverse forest backgrounds offer their perspectives on the critical messages that emerge from the National Report (produced by Society of American Foresters)

         Roundtable on Sustainable Forests

        Stimulates stakeholder dialogue on the meaning of the National Report on Sustainable Forests

        Participants include public and private organizations and individuals


         Oregon Forests Report

        Oregon’s C&I with desired trends set by Forest Program

         Forestry Program for Oregon

        Vision for Oregon’s forests based on the 7 Montreal Process criteria

         Forests for Oregon

        Quarterly magazine, popular articles on forests and forestry in Oregon

         Forest Facts

        2 pages, focused on specific issues


        2-3 pages, summarise major activities and businesses of Oregon Department of Forestry

         Agency Annual Reports

         District 2006 Annual Reports

         Program Reports


Ministerial Conference for the protection of Forests in Europe





Here are a couple of other

Here are a couple of other links that could be added to Simon's "How are different countries reporting on their forests?"

1) FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment 2005


2) Indicators for the sustainable management of French forests - 2005


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Thanks for this Simon. What

Thanks for this Simon. What a great resource!