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Improvements to in the coming week

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mack Hardy, and I am the technical coordinator for this site.

Angie and I have been reviewing and processing the reviews and feedback from the initial reviewers (and users) of the site.

Here is what I am working on fixing immediately:

- commenting on blogs, I have just repaired this

- formatting of blogs, formatting in general - text on the site could be made to look nicer, and blogs should probably have links back to the profiles of the authors, so that readers can have some context for the posting.

- persisting data on forms. Currently forms are not very forgiving, so if you navigate away from the current page, data you have entered on the form is lost. I know this has been frustrating for users already, I am working on making the form data persist, so that it is not lost. If I can't get that working in short order, I'll make sure that the page posts a warning to the user, asking them if they are sure they want to leave the current page

- adding a new source, while in the middle of adding an indicator. Related to persistent data on the forms, the user should be able to start entering an indicator, then add a new source from the indicator form, after the source is entered, the user should be directed back to the indicator entry form and the new Source should be selected in the source drop down.

Thank you very much for your feedback so far, please post additional feedback here, or contact us through the contact form for a more direct dialogue.


just appreciation

thanks a lot for the work
keep it up.

good work

Thanks Mack, I am sure that these changes will make the site much better. Just so you know, I have been telling people in the international arena about this site and a lot of people seem quite excited about it. Hopefully that translates into participation.