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4.2: Soil

Scale and impact of changes in soil acidity in productive forests

In natural ecosystems, the acidification of soils is a gradual process.

Australia’s soils are old and highly weathered and can be naturally quite acidic, both at the surface and deep in the profile; surface and subsoil acidity occurs in all Australian states and territories and affects an area up to nine times that affected by dryland ...

The total quantity of organic carbon in the forest floor (greater than 25mm diameter components) and in the surface 30cm soil

"This indicator aims to measure soil organic matter that can impact on soil fertility." The State of Victoria (2005)

Area and percent of forest assessed for soil erosion hazard, and for which protection for soil and water values are implemented

"Soil and water are the most fundamental part of any ecosystem. They provide the nutrients that forests depend upon and the structure on which they stand. This, in turn, affects the type of community that establishes itself. The structure and condition of soil across Victoria varies, which affects its ability to repel or absorb water, break ...