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6.1: Production and consumption

Total and per capita consumption of non-wood products

"The intent of this indicator is to measure the extent to which the supply of nonwood products meets the needs of consumption. Trends in the indicator may reflect changes in either supply or demand, and may also be influenced by changes in social values placed on the products." USDA Forest Service (2004)

Total and per capita consumption of wood and wood products in round wood equivalents

"This indicator measures the trends in the consumption of wood and wood products in Victoria, and the sources of supply." The State of Victoria (2005)

"The amount of consumption from domestic supply (versus imports) indicates the degree to which resources, investment, management, and regulation for U.S. forests and U.S. industry meet ...

Value of non-wood forest products produced or collected

"Forests and trees provide a broader range of products and services than simply wood and wood-products. This indicator deals specifically with these non-wood forest products." Commonwealth of Australia (2003)

"Nontimber forest products (NTFPs) include many plants, lichens, and fungi from forests, including understory species used in ...