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6.2: Investment in the forest sector

Investment in research, development, extension and use of new and improved technologies.

'This indicator provides a national view of investment in

research and development in forestry, wood and paper

product manufacturing and environmental management

in forests using information collected nationally by the

Australian Bureau of Statistics ...

Rates of return on investment

"Return on investment in the forest industry depends on several factors including site cost, productivity, management and associated costs, and the market price of final products. The species used in a plantation can also affect growth rates and market prices, and thus the rate of return on an investment. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is ...

Extension and use of new and improved technologies

"The goal of managing Victoria’s State forests sustainably for production purposes relies on continual improvement in management skills, and in developing and adopting new technologies to allow for more efficient resource use. Identifying the growth and use of technologies is a useful indicator of progress in forest management." The State of ...