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8.1: Legal framework

Status of new or updated forest management guidelines and standards related to ecological issues

“This indicator addresses the number of new or updated guidelines or standards introduced by forest management agencies that deal with ecological issues in forest management including: coarse woody debris retention/recruitment, riparian management, wildlife tree management, connecting corridors/networks, soil disturbance, road construction, ...

Evidence that community feedback was considered in management planning

This indicator refers to the number of public comments received and percentage of those that result in changes to operational plans. It measures the real effect that public consultation has on management planning.

Proactive consultation process for significant activities such as proposed timber harvesting

“Many timber and non-timber forest values are represented on the Morice TSA landscape. Where non-timber values are impacted by forest management activities, forest companies may be made aware of these impacts through consultations with individuals or interest groups. Licensees can proactively solicit consultation regarding specific ...