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8.1: Legal framework

Participation in planning

“Maintaining and enhancing the ability for the public to participate in SFM (i.e. development, planning, implementation and monitoring, etc), is fundamental to ensuring public values are expressed in SFM. The type of opportunities that have commonly been available for public participation in the M&L IFPA SFM process have been workshops, ...

Number of incidences of non-compliance with treaty settlements and Interim Measures Agreements

“Interim measures agreements are used to address aboriginal rights and title issues while treaty negotiations are under way. They provide interim solutions and economic opportunities such as forest tenures and revenue sharing.” British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range (2005e)

Absence of unsolved disputes on legal, tenure, or use rights

“Appropriate mechanisms shall be employed to resolve disputes over tenure claims and use rights.” Forest Stewardship Council Great Lakes- St. Lawerence (GLSL) (2004)

“Resolution of aboriginal rights and title issues is expected to increase certainty for land and resource development in B.C. The preferred approach to addressing these ...