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8.1: Legal framework

Extent to which the legal framework provides for planning, assessment, and policy review that recognizes multiple forest values

The indicator aims to assess the extent that legislation provides a framework for the integrated management of forests, and that planning is an iterative process which recognizes the diversity of forest values.

The legal framework clarifies property rights, provides for appropriate land tenure arrangements, recognizes customary...

"The indicator is useful as it identifies changes to:
• The legal system and frameworks for land ownership and management, including self management;
• The legal system and frameworks for Indigenous land; and
• Ownership and other inherent rights relating to land, particularly the rights and interests of Indigenous ...

Percent of forest management commitments completed resulting from consultation about non-timber features and interests*

“Many timber and non-timber forest values are represented on the Morice TSA landscape. Where non-timber values are impacted by forest management activities, forest companies may be made aware of these impacts through consultations with individuals or interest groups. Licensees can proactively solicit consultation regarding specific ...