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8.4: Measuring and Monitoring

Scope, frequency and statistical reliability of forest inventories, assessments, monitoring, and other relevant information

"This involves assessing, monitoring and measuring forests and the reliability of the statistics that are thereby produced...The data collected under this indicator should demonstrate the timeliness and completeness of the information available at a range of scales from a national overview to forest management units." Commonwealth of ...

Cost of acquiring data or level of access fee for forest inventory information

The costs associated with collection, monitoring, reporting and organization of indicator data for companies, organizations and government.

Capacity to measure and monitor changes...including the availability and extent of up-to-date data important for Criteria's 1-7

"This indicator measures the extent to which forest resource inventories are available to the public or government agents." Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (2006)

"This indicator provides a cursory data overview for each of the indicators. Reference should be made to each respective full indicator description for a more ...