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2: Maintenance of productive capacity of forest ecosystems

Annual Removal of non-wood forest products compared with the level determined to be sustainable

A number of non-wood forest species are subject to commercial harvesting regimes,  Some species are signficant in term of value, quantity or both.  The indicator examines the extent to which sustainable harvest of non-timber products from forests is being achieved.  It also discusses the legislative processes related to non-wood harvest. 

Native forest available for wood production, area harvested, and growing stock of merchantable and non merchantable tree species

The area of native forests available for timber harvesting

affects the forest sector’s capacity to meet domestic and

export demand for native timbers and wood products and

the level of sustainable yield. In Australia, the area available

for ...

Area, percent, and growing stock of plantations of native and exotic species

"This is a direct measure of plantation production." The State of Victoria (2005)

"Two types of planting can be identified: (1) traditional planting of intensively managed trees in which other native tree species are actively suppressed, and (2) planting to augment stocking of naturally regenerating forests. The latter type of ...