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5: Maintenance of forest contribution to global carbon cycles

Avoided fossil fuel carbon emissions by using forest biomass for energy

This indicator aims to determine how much fossil fuel usage was avoided by using the waste produced when creating forest products for energy. This is called bioenergy, or biomass energy.

Total forest ecosystem carbon pools and fluxes

"Because plants utilize carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process, forests provide a primary vehicle to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. During this process, the carbon becomes part of the plant mass. Thus, managing forests to sequester carbon reduces the net amount of carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere. Less carbon ...

Use and emissions of ozone-depleting substances (in tonnes of chlorofluorocarbon-11 (CFC-11) equivalents)

“CFCs are derivatives of hydrocarbons, which are composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms. In CFCs, the hydrogen atoms are replaced with chlorine and fluorine atoms, yielding an array of nontoxic, nonflammable gases useful in a wide variety of applications. CFCs have no natural source, and their high molecular stability allows them to migrate ...