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6.5 Recreation and tourism

Proportion of forests sites available for recreation and tourism, which are impacted unacceptably by visitors

"Victoria’s State forests are managed for a range of values that occasionally clash. For example, areas with a high conservation or natural value often suffer an unacceptable level of impact from visitors, as these areas are at times the most popular for recreation and tourism. Symptoms of unacceptable visitor impact can include site ...

Number, type, and geographic distribution of visits attributed to recreation and tourism and related to facilities available

"This indicator shows the degree to which forest recreation capacity has been enhanced by developing facilities or otherwise providing more access. While it is essential to have forest land open for outdoor recreation (indicator 35), it is also essential that access and facilities are provided for a wide range of activities and physical ...

Area and percent of forests available and/or managed for public recreation and tourism

"The indicator provides information on access for recreational and tourism uses of forests. It also provides a fairly coarse measure of the extent to which forest management is providing for the recreational needs of the community." Commonwealth of Australia (2003)