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New Indicators

Area and percent of forests used for subsistence purposes

"Forest lands provide products for survival outside the formal economic or market-based system. Such products include foodstuffs, medicine, fuel wood, clothing, and shelter. Subsistence hunting, fishing, and gathering are important to the material and cultural survival of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds." USDA Forest Service ...

Avoided fossil fuel carbon emissions by using forest biomass for energy

This indicator aims to determine how much fossil fuel usage was avoided by using the waste produced when creating forest products for energy. This is called bioenergy, or biomass energy.

Status of in sutu and ex situ efforts focused on conservation of species diversity

Ex situ conservation efforts involve the removal of samples of a species (in the form or whole plants, seed, pollen, vegetative propagules, tissue, or cell cultures)from their natural habitats for propagation and conservation. On the other hand, in situ efforts focus on the conservation of species diversity within normal and natural ...