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New Indicators

Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents (e.g., fire, storm, land clearance) beyond reference conditions

This indicator analyzes and reports the area of forest affected by abiotic agents (e.g. fire, wind, climate change, land clearance, salinisation, mining, drought, river regulation) beyond reference conditions.

Capacity to conduct research and development including the ability to predict impacts on forests of possible climate change

"Capacity to conduct and apply research and development to the problem of predicting climate change impacts involves the development of a good understanding of the impacts of climate change on forests and their disturbances such as pests and fire, the ability to quantify those effects on forest productivity, plant and animal species range ...

Enhancement of ability to predict impacts of human intervention on forests

"In order to manage Australia’s forests sustainably, prediction of the likely effects of management actions on forest values is helpful. Examples include:
• The extent to which management for wood and non-wood production (for example
harvesting, water yield, fire control, grazing and recreation) are compatible with conservation ...