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New Indicators

Fragmentation of forests

This indicator measures the level of fragmentation. It can be measured over a long time period (centuries) to take into account land clearing and land use change. It can also record
and contrast change within forested areas in conservation reserves, multiple-use public forests and private forests in the shorter term (decades).

Scale and impact of changes in soil acidity in productive forests

In natural ecosystems, the acidification of soils is a gradual process.

Australia’s soils are old and highly weathered and can be naturally quite acidic, both at the surface and deep in the profile; surface and subsoil acidity occurs in all Australian states and territories and affects an area up to nine times that affected by dryland ...

Forest associated species at risk from isolation and the loss of genetic variation, and conservation efforts for those species

Species with low genetic variation are widely held to be less able to withstand unexpected threats and so face a higher risk of extinction. In practice, it is diffi cult to demonstrate the level of genetic variation that has been lost in a species. However, it is possible to identify whether certain threatened species are becoming endangered ...