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New Indicators

Amount and type (size, species, and decay class) of course woody debris (cwd)

"Down and dead trees (CWD) serve as critical habitat for numerous flora and fauna. Flora use the microclimate
(moisture, shade, and nutrients) provided by CWD for establishing regeneration (Harmon et al., 1986). CWD provides
a diversity (stages of decay, size classes, and species) of habitat for fauna ranging from large mammals ...

Wildlife Tree Classes 1 and 2 (live trees), and 3+ (standing dead trees)

Trees classified as class 1-2 are alive, and trees classified as wildlife tree class 3 – 9 are dead trees, with class 3 trees having just recently died

Tree species and size

"A count of the number of tree species [and size of trees] remaining." Province of British Columbia (2006)