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Investment in research, development, extension and use of new and improved technologies.

'This indicator provides a national view of investment in

research and development in forestry, wood and paper

product manufacturing and environmental management

in forests using information collected nationally by the

Australian Bureau of Statistics ...

Extent to which the economic framework supports the management of forests through Investment and taxation policies...

"This indicator is concerned with the fiscal regulations and economic policies that control the flow of money in and out of the forest sector." Commonwealth of Australia (2003)

Rates of return on investment

"Return on investment in the forest industry depends on several factors including site cost, productivity, management and associated costs, and the market price of final products. The species used in a plantation can also affect growth rates and market prices, and thus the rate of return on an investment. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is ...

Annual investment and expenditure in forest-related research, extension and development, and education

“This indicator provides a measure of the level of expenditure on forest-related research and development.” Commonwealth of Australia (2003)

“This indicator assesses the level of investment into forestry research and development (R&D). Both, investments by the government and private sector are captured providing some insight into ...

Investment as percent of GDP

“The trend in investment as a percent of GDP… reflects the portion of the total output of our economic system that is devoted to building new productive capacity.” US Interagency Working Group (2001

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