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Investment in research, development, extension and use of new and improved technologies.

'This indicator provides a national view of investment in

research and development in forestry, wood and paper

product manufacturing and environmental management

in forests using information collected nationally by the

Australian Bureau of Statistics ...

Annual investment and expenditure in forest-related research, extension and development, and education

“This indicator provides a measure of the level of expenditure on forest-related research and development.” Commonwealth of Australia (2003)

“This indicator assesses the level of investment into forestry research and development (R&D). Both, investments by the government and private sector are captured providing some insight into ...

Applied social and natural science research which addresses issues of local and regional significance

Decentralized researchers are in direct contact with local forest managers and resource users throughout the province, ensuring a focus on operationally relevant research as well as providing an accessible source of best available scientific knowledge to support policies and practices. Five core research activities within the program, ...

Public and private funding for research, educational, and extension programs

“Well-informed and knowledgeable citizens and forest owners create a foundation of support for applying principles of sustainable forest management. To accomplish such a purpose requires institutional conditions (agencies, organizations) that are capable of promoting programs considered necessary to inform the public and private forest ...

Number of research partnerships

Research partnerships include two or more groups of researchers who work together in order to get more or better quality data on a research project or initiative. In sustainable forest management, this could mean more efficient and/or more extensive collection and monitoring for indicators.

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