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The latest annual report on the state of Canada's forest was recently released.  The report includes statistical profiles for each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories, as well as an overall profile for Canada.  It also includes 12 sustainability indicators under 4 headings; including:

1. Biological diversity:

Status of forest associated species at risk

2. Ecosystem condition and productivity:

Additions and deletions of forest area

Area of forest disturbed by fire, insects, disease and harvesting

Proportion of timber harvest successfully regenerated

3. Role in global ecological cycles:

Carbon emissions/removals in Canada's managed forests

Forest Sector carbon emissions

4. Economic and social benefits:

Annual harvest of timber relative to the level of harvest deemed to be sustaianble


Contribution of timber products to gross domestic product (GDP)

Financial performance

Forest industry employment

Forest products (exports)

Do you think this is sufficient to report on the state of Canadian forests?  What would you add or delete?  Download the report here and then join in our forum to discuss these questions and more.