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Revised Montreal Process C&I

The hierarchy of criteria and indicators (C&I) that is employed in the indicator database is based on the Montreal Process (MP) C&I set. Except for MP's C.7, these have recently been revised (17th meeting of the MP Working Group- Our database reflects these revisions, but doesn't yet have reporting for some of the MP indicators that debuted as part of the changes. Our database will also use the new MP C.7 (Legal, institutional, and economic framework) indicators when they are released later this year.

As well, we have added an extra criterion (C.7- Cultural, social, spiritual needs and values (an indicators itself in the MP set) and modified elements in C.6 (Maintenance and enhancement of socio-economic benefits). The rationale behind these changes stems from the research that preceded the development of this site. This research (McHugh et al, 2005 ( included a focus on assessing new social and economic areas for SFM; namely social capital, Aboriginal issues and values, and ecological economics. The economics indicators were not fully realized in the research, but many new social capital, community well-being and resilience, public health, and Aboriginal indicators were assessed. As a result, we felt that to give these indicators a proper place in the hierarchy, new criteria and elements would have to be added.

We welcome you comments and/or criticisms of these changes...

Have you had a hard time browsing the database?
Are you looking for specific indicators and not finding them where you think they should be?
Have you had some issues with they way we have organized the indicators, preferring some other hierarchy, terms, or definitions?
other issues?


hierarchy of C&I

Personally, I think that basing the hierarchy on the Montreal Process with the additional criteria on cultural, social and spiritual needs makes a lot of sense. However, for the sake of discussion, I will mention that at the international level there has been a lot of discussion about a common set of criteria between the nine international C&I processes. At recent international meetings, seven common thematic areas (or criteria) of sustainable forest management have emerged based on the criteria of the nine ongoing regional and international criteria and indicators initiatives.
The seven thematic areas are:

* Extent of forest resources
* Biological diversity
* Forest health and vitality
* Productive functions and forest resources
* Protective functions of forest resources
* Socio-economic functions
* Legal, policy and institutional framework.

The seven thematic areas were acknowledged by the international forest community at the fourth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests and the 16th session of the Committee on Forestry. The FAO also plans to use these thematic areas as the chapters in its 2010 Forest Resource Assessment.