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Swiss Federal Statistical Office releases "Dashboard" of sustainable development indicators

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office has released its MONET dashboard of sustainable development. The dashboard is a new internet tool to concisely and attractively illustrate the complex issue of sustainable development while keeping a link to its underlying information.

This is the first time they have released such a tool and they are hoping that users will explore the tool and provide comments, ideas, etc.

Follow this link to see the dashboard for yourself -


Swiss indicators

The dashboards are an interesting tool, and highly visual. Quite a few others have tried something similar, such as the Fraser Basin Council.

How useful do you think they are?


It's hard to say at this stage how useful indicator dashboards for sustainability are. I have seen some really interesting indicator dashboard software developed for business (check out However, these software packages seem to be designed for tracking key indicators within a single organization, where relationships between cash on hand, credit available, sales, production, etc. are better understood and targets or optimal values are identified. Sometimes, these software packages allow executives to play with one indicator, moving it up or down, and watch the impact on other indicators. I imagine that this would be a really great analysis and decision support tool for executives.

Unfortunately, in sustainable development reporting, the relationships between indicators is rarely understood as clearly, and targets or optimal values are often not identified. This removes some of the functionality from dashboards that they seem to enjoy in the business environment. Still, what is clear to me is that senior decision makers rarely have time to read a report. So anything, be it a dashboard or something else, that can convey info quickly and meaningfully is a good thing.