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Town of Whistler unveils innovative SD site with indicators

This email from Dan Wilson from the Town of Whistler was forwarded to me. The Whistler 2020 site is definitely worth checking out.


A year ago I asked the network if they knew of software tool that helped manage and analyze indicator data while providing a seamless link to a web reporting mechanism. After a year of searching and hard work, Whistler and technology provider Credit 360 launched the Whistler 2020 - A shared Sustainable Future website that reflects the community 2020 vision, plan, and performance indicators toward being a successful and sustainable mountain tourism destination resort. The site uniquely ties together policy, actions and indicators while also acting as a transparent action management and tracking tool.

The functionality of the Whistler2020 website was designed to be comprehensive and easy to use. It describes:

the shared vision is and objectives are the strategies and action plans (along with all the actions) describes who is leading the initiative, and most importantly for this group What the performance is (by indicator with data)

The backend indicator management tool helps with organizing, uploading and entering indicator data, charting and analyzing the data and publishing it to the web.

Town Council appreciated the ability to assess and track progress and inform decision-making and being the monitoring coordinator and co-author, I really appreciated the functionality of the backend.

Have a look and feel free to pass on any feedback or suggestions. Make sure you check of the w2020 explorer (Flash Tool)!

Please feel free to pass on any feedback, suggestions or questions.


Dan Wilson
Resort Municipality of Whistler
Whistler 2020 Monitoring Coordinator